Daily meal plan 15.06.17

Good morning guys, today’s meal plan is:-

Breakfast- fruit salad. Bottle of water.

Lunch – chicken salad. Bottle of water.

Tea- bacon double cheeseburger with wedges and salad. Bottle of water.

Syns – none as saving them for Saturday

Have a great day guys ????

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  1. Hi, thank you for such a lovely selection of meal ideas. Great for dipping into and getting my own plan worked out. I enjoy your tutorials and friendly, relaxed approach to slimming and cooking – neither of which are my favourite things! Would really like help with sp meals as need to get my head around this. Keep up the great work. With regard to your accent – it makes me smile sometimes as it’s so different from mine but hopefully you may smile as mine too as I’m Welsh. kind regards Angie

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