When life gets in the way

As we all know life can be a funny old thing, with ups and downs being thrown in when you least expect it.

Sticking to plan when you are experiencing lows or even highs can be very hard and challenging.

Just recently for the past few weeks, things have changed in my life which have meant that my routine has had to change too. This has resulted in me falling off track too often and easily.

It’s so easy for your brain to trick you into thinking “you deserve” or “start tomorrow “.

I’m not here to say to you stick to plan all the time because it is just not possible and I’m a prime example of this.

What I am here to say is from my experience, sometimes you just have to ride the wave. For me i was not eating breakfast and dinner and then 4 out of the 7 days having an off plan meal. I guess you just have to do whats right for you at that time.

Take away any pressure you put on yourself and have faith that you will get back on track once things have settled down. It was always at the back of mind to get nack on track and to try to make the most healthiest decisions but it doesn’t mean your a failure if you choose different.

As i said, ride the wave and have faith you will get through it and get back on track. When you feel the time is right then plan all your meals, remive all the pressure of loosing however much weight you need to and just take each week as it comes and don’t let a number define you.

As I’ve realised these past few weeks, life is far too short to be defined by a number. You need to find your happy place not your happy number. We are all beautiful no matter what size, shape, colour or religion we are.

So if i can take anything from these past few week’s, it’s that you will get yhrough it, you will get back on track and you will come out of it stronger.

But most importantly don’t ever doubt yourself and what you are capable off. You don’t realise how strong you can be when being strong is your only option.

You are not alone, we are all on the same journey together.

Enjoy your week guys ????

Lots of love,

Tanya xxx


  1. Hi Tanya, thank you sooo much for sharing those lovely thoughts and words, that’s really emotionally touched me, also made me more determined, I’ve done slimming world before and failed numerous of times always giving up!! I hated the whole group sessions it just wasn’t for me, although everyone was very welcoming I’ve now decided I’m just going to do it from home, Something in my heart tells me this is my time to really do it really make the change and having your blog, and videos onside is going to be a huge help thanks again for sharing your story and congratulations on your big achievement, xx

  2. I have just happened across your post after looking at one of your recipes. I am in tears – thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings! I have fallen off the wagon due to a life changing circumstance – I was just sitting here wondering whether I should even bother anymore in case I can’t stick to plan- and then I read your post and it made me stop, take a moment and breathe- thank you xx

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