Weigh in 11.07.17

Good morning lovlies, I’m not doing a live weigh in anymore because people have been complaining that i yawn in my video’s so i don’t want to have negativity thrown back at me. Recently i haven’t got the time or energy to be dealing with negativity so for now I’ll stop doing them.

So… this week’s weigh in isn’t good. In fact its terrible! +3lb! It just feels like I’m on a downward spiral recentley and the relationship between myself and food has turned negative. Which in turn puts you in a bad mood then makes you want to eat rubbish then you end up putting weight on. So it’s just a vicious circle.

I don’t know if my brain is already trying to get into holiday mode aswell but whatever is going on really needs to stop right now.

Everything just seems to have changed for me recentley. I no longer want to cook or vlog and that’s because the more i fall off track the further withdrawn i get.

So today the line is being drawn. I’m now 11st 8 and I’m starting to feel really uncomfortable looking in the mirror as i can see the extra weight in my body.

Today i really am going to change my relationship with food back into a postive one by doing lots of batch cooking (which I’ll vlog) and removing all the bad chocolate and crisps until I’m back in a better mind frame.

I don’t want sympathy, this is just my way of getting what’s going on for me out. It’s like a dairy for me to reflect on.

So to make sure this week is going to be good, I’m going to:-

❤ plan all my meals.

❤ stock up on free foods for snacking on, cooked meats, boiled eggs, carrot and cucumber sticks, yoghurts ect.

❤ vlog all my week to keep me on track.

❤ batch cook a few meals.

❤ write everything down and keep a track of all my syns.

❤ aim for 3 jogs this week  ????

❤ most importantly I’m not going to beat myself up. Life has ups and downs but it’s how you feal with them what’s the main thing.

Keep smiling lovlies. We all fall off plan every now and again but we can do it.

Hope you hace a great week too.

Lots of love Tanya xxx



  1. Good luck Hun. You know you can do it. Definitely write everything down as when I have a bad few weeks that always helps me. X

  2. Good for u Tanya ull get back on track in no time! Im same a lot of time I totally sabotage any good Iv done then go on an eating frenzy….but Iv read ur message today and taken heed of it so will turn things around too! U r very inspirational…thanks!

  3. Don’t give up now Tanya!!! You are such an inspiration….. I started following you at the start of my journey and couldn’t believe your transformation. I have lost nearly 4 stone and have really been struggling to get to this hurdle… then will have another stone to target!! I now have my holiday to look forward to in 4 weeks and it’s given me new motivation …. I just can’t go back to how I was before. So just think what an inspiration you have been to so many people and hopefully you will get your mojo back. Lots of love ❤️ xxx

  4. Hi ive not commented before but thought I would today..I noticed that you yawn in yr vlogs and do u know what it used to make me have a little laugh..shows the normal morning of a mum with young kids waking up knackered! I think yr fab and you truly are keeping me on track..never before have I stuck to it this long ( 6 weeks and a stone off!) Please dont let a few idiots put you off yr vlogs I find them so so helpful! Good luck this week Tan 🙂 x

  5. What is wrong with people??? Don’t they yawn when they get up early and have kids to look after plus a house to run??!!! Get back to doing it- it will make you feel stronger! They are thw ones with negativity so let them stew in it whilst you get back on track and build up your esteem again!!! Xxx

  6. Aww hun. Ignore those people who just want to be negative. If they don’t like people yawning they may as well stay locked indoors!
    I have every faith that you will succeed in your plan, you’ve done brill so far.
    Remember too though, muscle weighs more than fat so it could be that you’re toning not gaining weight if you know what I mean xx

  7. We all have bad days/weeks and that is why it’s so good to share the good and the bad ones. Lets all encourage Tanya and ourselves to keep going. It’s much easier when we share things. Go girl you know you can do it. You have inspired a lot of people so now it’s our turn to motivate you ????????

  8. Oh Tanya that’s a shame I for one will miss them yawning makes you seem more human to me and if people are complaining nobody is forcing them to watch. Don’t undo all the good you have done lots of love and good luck xx

  9. Please carry on with your Vlogs Tanya. Ignore the ignorant….don’t let them grind you down. You are a success!! They are only jealous. More to the point, your are ‘human’ like the rest of us. Keeping weight off is a lifelong struggle. You just gotta keep going. Ups and Downs……XX You Can do it. You are My Inspiration. XX

  10. Hi Tan
    Don’t let what the baskets say get you down. You have personally motivated hundreds of people with your blogs videos and recipes. What amazed me was how you could do all that in your wee kitchen and with the kids too. You have a lot on your plate at the mo so no sympathy just empathy(I regularly fall of wagon so much ma massive ass is tartan) Slow down look back through your albums look at what you have achieved with your beloved kids helping your grandad your family your friends and say to your “well our kid you ain’t perfect but you’ve certainly come a long frickin way” You don’t need sympathy you need to take attitude with those who say you yawn and think well feck it nobody’s asks you to watch it. You keep me on track and that’s a feat I treasure. Don’t let them grind you
    down Tanya your worth more. Go get em girl. Emily (Dotdot)

  11. Aw sweetie yours was the first video I watched on YouTube. Very inspiring! BTW it was an Aldi shopping haul and you had the noisiest bags! But that is what kept me watching… How normal you are. The Pinterest worthy ones don’t interest me, I want real life not airbrushing! So Hun yawn away, you’re human and lovely!

  12. Hey Tanya just read this and really for you I’ve been gaining last few weeks decided it was fight or flight time so I fought and lost 5lb hoping for a maintain tomorrow don’t give up Hun we can all achieve our weight loss dream

  13. Sorry to hear people complaining about the yawning. I just see it as you with no falseness thrown in. I’m also aware of your accent but I wouldn’t ask you to stop speaking as I think your an inspiration to so many people. I’m sure you’d think I talk funny too. Keep on doing what you’re doing (yawns and all) because you make a difference. xx

  14. I think you’re bloody wonderful, yawns and all. Your positive attitude will get you through and help you stay on track. You have been inspirational to me ever since I started eating more healthily. Love your YouTube tutorials and vlogs. You’re a natural. By the way I moved house once in November and once in December and I survived. It’ll all be OK.

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