About me

me after my weight loss

Hi there, I’m Tanya.

I’m 25 years old, a busy mum of 2 little boys and I’m based in Burnley Lancashire. My passions in life are my children, cooking and helping people lose weight.

I’ve lost 7 stone in 16 months through following the slimming world plan and exercising. Due to this it has given me a great passion to pass what I have learnt from my weight loss journey, onto others who are struggling with their journeys.

With having 2 children, I know all about the struggles with cooking and looking after the children. So I’m here to show you how to cook and be super mum all at once! I set up a YouTube channel to show people how I make my recipes as I know a lot of people feel more confident watching instead of just reading a recipe so I decided to do both. Here’s a link to my YouTube channel.

My family

me & Chris

My family

I live with my partner of 9 years Chris, who has been by my side through all my weight gain and weight loss journey. Luckily for Chris he has a high metabolism so doesn’t feel the struggle of weight gain (they do say opposites attract). He always eats all my healthy meals that I make and quite frankly acts like my human Guinea pig when I’m experimenting in the kitchen.

Then there’s our beautiful boys, Corby (5) and Rio (2). Corby features in my YouTube channel a lot and has a real interest for cooking just like he’s mummy. Rio normally just cries in the background or wants to be picked up halfway through a tutorial, so you will probably see (or hear) Rio quite a lot on there too. I’m sure they will find their way into some of my blog posts too.

me and our boys

My Blog

The aim of my blog is quite simple really. I want to help people lose weight and believe in themselves. I know first-hand how hard losing weight is, especially with children added to the mix.

On this website you will find recipes, daily meal plans, blogs, tutorials, product reviews and competitions. I hope it makes losing weight that little bit simpler for you.