After following Slimming world since 2012 I’ve seen lots of healthy recipes and always experimented by putting my own touch on them.

For me it’s essential that I have a lot of family friendly meals that are quick and easy to make as I struggle for time. I’m sure in my categories you will find a meal that is suitable for your lifestyle and timescale.

Sometime I taste a meal I have made and find it so hard to believe that you can actually lose weight be eating it.

Before I started eating healthily I couldn’t cook at all but now I’m never out of the kitchen.

The reason my recipes are adapted to Slimming world is because that is the plan I follow so if you are following another healthy eating plan then you would have to amend it appropriately.  The Syn values are worked out by only myself as a paying member so please be sure to check all syn values yourself as Syn values can swap and change frequently. All syn values were correct to my knowledge at the time of publishing.

All my pictures and content are my own unless otherwise stated.

I hope you enjoy experimenting with them as much as I did.

Enjoy xxx